New Safety Package on Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4 Safety ArdmoreThe current model of the Rav4 is packed with safety features, but for 2016 there will be even more. The 2015 model comes with eight standard airbags and the Star Safety System that is made up of six advanced safety features. Soon, however, the Rav4 will offer a new safety package with the latest in safety technology.

Toyota Safety Sense

The new safety package for the 2016 Rav4 is called Toyota Safety Sense, and it includes 5 different advanced pieces of safety technology. Best of all, it will be incredibly affordable, costing only around $500, which is unheard of for the technologies included.

Included Features

Toyota Safety Sense includes Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic Hi-Beams, Lane Departure Alert, Pre-Collision System, and Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. The system relies on laser radar and a camera to detect objects in front of the Rav4 and alert the driver or apply the brakes if necessary. The Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection uses the camera and radar to detect whether there are pedestrians that might enter the vehicle’s path. If that is the case, it will take similar action, alerting the driver and automatically applying pressure to the brakes to prevent or reduce the impact with the pedestrian.

Future Plans

At the moment, Toyota Safety Sense will only be an option for the 2016 Rav4, but Toyota has plans to make it available on every model by December 2017.

If you would like more information on Toyota Safety Sense or the 2016 Toyota Rav4, talk to the experts at Toyota of Ardmore in Ardmore, Oklahoma.