Blogs to Follow for Couponers

Couponing Blogs
Are you a couponer in Ardmore, Oklahoma? You will definitely want to look into the many savings blogs that are designed for people in and around the area. There are more and more people that are putting together blogs to help couponers, and some of these are even designed to... [read more]

Check Out the Amazing Fuel Economy of The 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

2017 Toyota Prius Prime fuel economy
  If you know anything about hybrids, you know that these vehicles are made to be gas savers. Well, after 20 years and 4 generations of producing the Prius, Toyota has perfected the hybrid vehicle with the 2017 Prius Prime! In fact, it currently holds the title as the most fuel-efficient... [read more]

Grab a Bite or Two at the Taste of Ardmore

Taste of Ardmore
Those who are looking for something to do in Ardmore, Oklahoma will find that Taste of Ardmore is a great option for all types of people. Families, couples, and those who come alone will enjoy checking out all that there is to do, and see, and eat when they visit the... [read more]

Don’t Miss Out on the Annual All Arts School Exhibit

School Exhibit
This is the perfect opportunity for artists in the surrounding schools to show off their work. Kids’ works of art will be displayed all over the center for you to observe and admire. Inspire the little artists and support the cause when you come out and view their pieces of... [read more]

Books that Take Place in Oklahoma

Books that Take Place in Oklahoma
Books are a fantastic way to escape to another world for a little while, but sometimes it’s nice to stay close to home. Dozens of books have been set in Oklahoma, with a few even taking place in Ardmore itself. Here are a few of the very best stories in... [read more]