New Safety Package on Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4 Safety Ardmore
The current model of the Rav4 is packed with safety features, but for 2016 there will be even more. The 2015 model comes with eight standard airbags and the Star Safety System that is made up of six advanced safety features. Soon, however, the Rav4 will offer a new safety... [read more]

Top Oklahoma Parks to Visit in a TRD Pro

Toyota TRD Pro Park Oklahoma
The various Toyota TRD Pro vehicles were made to tackle any outdoor adventure. That means that whether you are interested in a 4Runner TRD Pro, Tundra TRD Pro, or Tacoma TRD Pro, you will have the perfect vehicle for visiting some of the top Oklahoma parks. Lake Murray State Park Lake Murray... [read more]

Toyota Rewards Education with the Toyota Graduate Finance Program

Toyota Graduate Finance Program Yaris Ardmore
Toyota truly values young people who are doing their best to get an education. Because of this, it offers the College Graduate Program, which provides discounts and special financing for those who are recent college graduates or will graduate in the near future. It is easy to apply, and the... [read more]

Get Your Toyota RAV4 Ready for Summer

The Toyota RAV4 is versatile enough to tackle any weather conditions, meaning that you may only need minimal preparations to get it ready for the summer. Despite that, you should still take the time to ensure that you are up to date on regular service for your SUV. You will... [read more]

What a 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Has to Offer

2015 Toyota Camry
The 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid shows a great deal of innovation, taking one of the most popular sedans on the market, the Camry, and making it even more fuel efficient. The Camry Hybrid has many of the same features as the version with the standard powertrain, with the main difference... [read more]