Customize Your Toyota Camry with These Options

Customize Toyota Camry Ardmore
Part of the reason that the Toyota Camry remains a top-selling sedan year after year is the ability drivers have to customize it. In addition to four trims on the non-hybrid version and three on the Camry hybrid, there are also numerous packages and options you can add to ensure... [read more]

Discover the 2015 Toyota Avalon

2015 Toyota Avalon Ardmore
The 2015 Toyota Avalon is a great way to experience luxury features at an affordable price. With five trims to choose from, plus three hybrid trims, there is an Avalon for everyone, whether you simply want a comfortable sedan to drive around Ardmore or are looking for something with the... [read more]

Driving Off-Road in the 2015 Land Cruiser

2015 Land Cruiser Off Road Ardmore
When it comes to going off-road, the 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the most capable SUVs on the market. This powerful vehicle can handle rough terrain with ease, while providing you with all the comfort, convenience, and technology you could want within the cabin. Multi-Terrain Features Driving off-road is when... [read more]

How to Configure a 2015 Toyota Yaris

2015 Toyota Yaris Ardmore
If you find yourself looking at the entry-level vehicles in the Toyota lineup, you will quickly notice the 2015 Toyota Yaris. This compact and versatile hatchback offers sporty European-inspired styling, all the basic technology you need, and multiple configuration options. Trims To start off, you will need to think about whether you... [read more]

New Safety Package on Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4 Safety Ardmore
The current model of the Rav4 is packed with safety features, but for 2016 there will be even more. The 2015 model comes with eight standard airbags and the Star Safety System that is made up of six advanced safety features. Soon, however, the Rav4 will offer a new safety... [read more]