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Learn The History Of South-Central Oklahoma With This Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt
Kids love learning about history, as long as it’s presented in an interesting way. Unfortunately, when kids learn about history in school, they sometimes find it boring or think that it doesn’t apply to them. But if they could learn about history in a fun way, they may get more... [read more]

Explore Historical Treasures at the Greater Southwest Historical Museum

Greater Southwest Museum
If you appreciate history, why not explore historical treasures at the Greater Southwest Historical Museum in Oklahoma? From the minute you walk in the door, the overwhelming number of artifacts from early Native Americans through the present day will leave you in awe. Because the artifacts come from ranchers, farmers,... [read more]

Check Out Some Father’s Day Fun Here in Ardmore, OK

Father's day card
Lake Murray Water Sports With almost all perfect reviews on Trip Advisor, Lake Murray is home to some of the best water sports activities. With gear rentals and anything from boat tours to stand-up paddleboard, this Ardmore gem is a great way to show Dad you love him this Father’s Day.... [read more]