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Stop By Santa’s Workshop In Ardmore Regional Park

Santa’s Workshop
Think back to the holiday season when you were a kid. What was your favorite part? Maybe you loved the food and the candy or getting to spend time with your family, but there was always one part of the holiday season that left you excited as could be. That... [read more]

The Goddard Center Presents the Texas Boys Choir

Texas Boys Choir
The Texas Boys Choir is coming to Ardmore this season, and it’s going to be an event that you will remember for a lifetime. These kids are amazing singers, and they can truly deliver a stunning performance. You will have a great time when you attend this event. Whether you... [read more]

What to Do with Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Unwanted Christmas Gift Ardmore
When Christmas comes around there is always the thought of what should a person do when they receive a gift they don't want. The first thing you can do is not to hurt anyone's feelings and thank them for the gift. It's Christmas time and people don't want to feel... [read more]